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ICOPremier is a private crypto token market for trading tokens before they hit exchanges. We host the best ICO investment propositions that have been accredited by the crypto community.

With ICOPremier

EOS Blockchain as the technology for ICOPremier

ICOPremier is built on EOS Blockchain to keep transaction records and retrieve them whenever required, thus making the platform transparent and immutable. A checksum of all details of an invoice will be generated and added to the transaction log on EOS Blockchain. Users will be able to track all their transactions on the platform by using a unique identity created on EOS Blockchain.

Architecture ICOPremier

Sell your tokens with ICOPremier!

ICOPremier provides an opportunity to Institutions and Private Investors to list their tokens before they hit exchanges.

To ensure the credibility and investment potential of a project, we evaluate it on the following grounds before listing it in our platform:


Does the project align with the core tenets of crypto community?


Is the technology used in the project strong enough to fulfill its goals?


Is there a strong, experienced and committed team behind the project?

Business Model

Is the project model potentially strong enough to create real value for end users?

Legal and Compliances

Does the project meets all KYC/AML regulations?

Crypto Economics

Are the economic structures designed to incentive all parties to act in the best interest of the network?

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Be a part of a proven success story

Your association with ICOPremier gets established when you register yourself. This empowers you to invest in the handpicked and proven ICOs. Being a member of this community you can also refer your near ones and reap the benefits of both i.e. appreciated value of tokens and referral gratuity.

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Register on ICOPremier

Register on ICOPremier

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Encash Tokens & Commission

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